Provident Adult and Senior Health

About Provident Healthcare

Provident Healthcare is a physician network that provides caring, patient-centered primary care.

Patient quality of life is our primary goal. We deliver the high level of personal attention and service that patient and their families deserve. Our teams bridge the gaps in care that most adults experience today by following patients from the clinic through the hospital, rehabilitation/skilled nursing or other care settings. As a result, a Provident primary care provider is always there for treatment, advice and support.

We’ve designed our practice to optimize communication with the patient and their family in order to build relationships and a strong support network. Our physicians focus their time on the patient and their family and caregivers, not on administration.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide high quality patient-centered medical care
  • Provide timely communication between patient, the patient’s family, caregivers, the payers and Provident Healthcare.
  • Provide continuity of care as patient’s transition between the various levels of care and places of services.

Our Goals

  • Being helpful and accessible to our patients
  • Help to make the healthcare system work for you
  • Focus on giving the time and care patients want
  • Support the role of family and caregivers
  • Facilitate easy access to information, referrals and appointments
  • Stay by the patient’s side as they transition through various care settings