Provident Adult and Senior Health

Patient Portal

We are pleased to offer established patients of Provident Healthcare, our Patient Portal an Internet based application that enables you to communicate to your provider and Provident.

With a click of a mouse, 24 hours a day, you can access your provider, they can deliver lab results to you and you can update your records through a secure HIPAA Standards Internet connection passed over a secure network.

NextMD includes a variety of information and services:

  • My Account – this section enables you to view and update different parts of your account.
  • Appointments – you can request an appointment, respond to a suggested appointment, cancel appointments or view pending, confirmed or cancelled appointments.
  • Documents - include medical records or other types of documents available from your provider.
  • Statements – allows you to view your history of statements.
  • Medications – link to review prescription medications and view pending and completed requests. You can also select your preferred pharmacy.
  • Secure Messages – to send messages to the practice, to view and respond to messages from your provider or practice staff, and to view messages that you have sent to the practice.
  • Online forms – this feature enables you to fill out forms online and send them back to the practice.
  • Interactive Medical Forms – this link allows you to submit the Instant Medical History forms. These forms are used to gather your medical history and diagnostic information prior to your office visit.

To enroll in NextMD:

During your next visit notify the front desk, your physician or medical assistant that you would like web access to our practice.

If you are already enrolled in our Patient Portal, click the link below to access your account.

REMEMBER: NEVER use “My Health” to communicate with us
regarding a medical emergency.
In the event of an emergency, CALL 911.