Provident Adult and Senior Health


Provident is committed to providing superior care and improving the quality of life of our patients. Our Providers are trained in the issues faced by adults and seniors and we’ve designed our practice to focus on maximizing the time patients can spend face-to-face with their providers. Our patients receive...

  • Schedule Flexibility - Our schedule is flexible so that the length of the visit depends upon the severity and complexity of your symptoms. We always have appointments available on short notice.
  • Continuum of Care – We follow our patients outside of the clinic to the hospital, nursing home, and assisted living facilities, so a provider who knows their medical history is always available.
  • Technology - We've made large investments in technology so that your provider has easy access to your complete medical history. Provident also uses telephone, written, and internet capabilities to communicate with all members of the care team so that the continuum of care is strengthened.
  • Support Staff - Our staff is trained to navigate the complex referral and administrative requirements of the healthcare system, including always filing your insurance claims for you. Our clinic, triage, and telephone support personnel handle most issues and present to providers as needed.


Provident knows that family members and other caregivers are often the backbone of a patient's support and communication network. Often the members of this network are dispersed geographically and varied in the roles they fulfill. We have made a large investment in technology so that needed information is available in a private and secure manner to authorized individuals.

Provident's integrated patient system makes appropriate information available to authorized users depending upon the type of inquiry. We use patient medical history to better schedule visits. For example, if a family member calls to schedule an appointment for their parent, the appointment scheduler will know the patient's provider preference, any recorded preferences of time or day of the week, and the history of any medical conditions that would vary the standard visit length. Similarly, triage nurses are available when needed to discuss new, acute symptoms with an authorized family member. Our electronic medical record makes available all of the patient's medical history including conditions, prescriptions, lab testing, and examination notes.

Our providers and staff are happy to help a patient's caregiver navigate through a complex care system. Recommending alternative care facilities, specialists, therapy providers, and facilitating referrals are part of the normal visit. Our providers support informed decision making when recommending treatment and are available for consultations as needed. Provident's qualified and caring clinician teams are available when you need them, and they serve as the communication hub that makes our personalized and caring approach to medicine possible.