Provident Adult and Senior Health


I am not ready to take on the implementation of an EMR, nor the cost: We fully implemented our Electronic Medical Record more than 3 years ago. By joining Provident Healthcare the transition is done for you. Our clinic staff assist in the transition of both paper and/or electronic records into our system. All you have to do is to learn the EMR through web-based e-Learning and on-the-job training with other providers within the organization.

I am tired of the administrative hassles of running a practice: Besides a fantastic clinical staff, Provident Support Team consists of a Clinic Operations Manager, Triage Nurse, Care Coordinator, Billing Department, IT Department and HR Department. Physicians are not involved in the day to day aspects of running a business or dealing with staffing issues, Provident does that for you..

I would like to consider retiring in a few years and want a place for my patients: If you want to retire or to just slow down your practice, Provident is a perfect option. Since we are a larger practice, when you are ready to slow down or retire, your patients will have already been a part of Provident and our other physicians can take them upon your retirement.

I would like to be a part of the Patient Centered Medical Home: Provident is a proud member of the Colorado Patient Centered Medical Home Pilot. We are one of 15 practices in the state of Colorado participating. Our Care Coordinator works with the patients and staff and coordinates the efforts needed within the PCMH.

I want to continue to practice close to the hospital, so that I can continue to see my patients when they are admitted: We have two clinics: Our new South Denver Clinic is located next to Swedish Hospital. It consist of 17 exam rooms, with one dedicated to our care coordinator. We see our practice patients daily at Swedish Hospital as well as 1.5 miles down the road at Porter Hospital. The North Denver Clinic is located next to St. Anthony North.

I would like have a better quality of life: One of the benefits of being with a larger group of physicians, you share in the call schedule and weekend rounding.

I would like to have a more consistent income stream and still see my patients: We offer a production based compensation model. In addition, reputation and our ability to schedule same day appointments consistently draws in a number of new patients to the practice.

I don’t want to move. I would rather stay where my practice is currently located: Provident will consider taking on a satellite location depending on your individual situation.