Provident Adult and Senior Health

Prescription Renewals

We try to take care of all of your health needs while you are in the office, so the most efficient means to refill a prescription is at your most recent appointment. If you need refills, please tell your doctor during your visit.

If you are in need to refill outside of the regularly scheduled appointment, call your pharmacy first and ask them to send us a refill request through their electronic interface. All major pharmacies currently have an electronic system.

Please note:

  • Provident requires up to 2 business days to process refills not done during your office visit.
  • Please request all prescription renewals during our office hours, when our records are available. Renewals requested at other times will be filled only for extreme or emergent circumstances.
  • Our office will not refill a prescription for a patient who has not been seen in the last year. It is not appropriate to refill prescriptions for patients who have not had adequate follow up visits. It is important for our providers to be able to monitor patient progress and use of medication.

If a prescription needs a prior authorization from an insurance company, we will make every attempt to handle it in a timely manner, but all insurance companies vary in the length of time it takes to process authorizations.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding our prescription refill policy.